Saturday, March 17, 2007

Million Dollar Smile

A million dollar makes everyone smile! That includes my good old friend, Jørn from Norway... here he is, on the stage in Las Vegas receiving his reward as a million dollar earner.

Picture taken at the MGM in Las Vegas, Nevada (March, ´07)... see more pictures from Las Vegas in this blog.

Billedet er taget i Marts måned i Las Vegas - min gamle ven Jørn på scenen for at modtage cudos for at være Career Achiever i TNI.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

JCI Junior Chamber Racing Day

Go-carting is waaaay fun! This picture was taken with my mobilephone when we enjoyed hours of fun in a Go Cart Grandprix arranged by our local JCI chapter.

I was resting my arms before the next race :-)

On the picture you see Jesper, founder of 101systems, Michael owner of Skagen VVS and Carsten from Ecco Print competing to set lap record.

If you do not like to race gocarts, you´re not alive! (Real men dig gocarts!)

Learn more about Junior Chamber - Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Danish chapter of JCI

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Robert D´s latest toy... (Atlanta, USA)

Even when I was a kid Lamborghini's didnt appeal to me.. HOWEVER, Roberts new Lambo is kinda cool (I have just placed the Gallardo on my Top 10-list of cars I will be owning).

Picture taken at the Grand Opening of our Atlanta Cafe.

(See picture of Robert somewhere else on this site).