Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Venetian Casino, Las Vegas

The Venetian Casino Hotel Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada - together with Tobi and Leon (from Canada).

A few days later I actually had a great trip around the state of Nevada, Arizona and Utah... the same day! From the warm desert of Nevada to the snowy mountains in Utah.

Leon and Tobi invited me - and Leon took some fantastic photos of the different nature (unfortunately not digital).

Thanks to the both of you!

Billedet er fra The Venetian i Las Vegas - Leon og Tobi på billedet fik fat i en bil, og et par dage senere kørte vi rundt i Nevada, Arizona og Utah... FED natur, FED tur!

Los Angeles - Jerry Clark

Jørn Ølnes and American motivational speaker (and comedian), Jerry Clark. I was Jerrys translator on one of his seminars in Copenhagen, Denmark recently.

Hvis du får muligheden, så tjek omkring et af Jerrys seminarer - han er ekstremt underholdende - af samme grund var det en uhyre kompliceret opgave at være oversætter på et af hans seminarer i København: Jeg grinede simpelthen konstant!

(Men.. tror nu nok Jerry mente jeg klarede opgaven til UG og slange alligevel!)

New Years Eve 2004

Anne-Sofie and me... just minutes before guests arriving at our house to celebrate the New Year

Ferreyra, USA

A picture from another one of our trips to the States (Henry in the middle, Jan on the right)

The Strip... Las Vegas

From our trip to Las Vegas, Nevada...
"What Happens in Vegas - STAYS in Vegas" - so the Strip is the only thing I am going to publish from THAT trip... :-)
Ahhh... not entirely true though:


Millenium Bridge

Millenium Bridge, London - Steen and I on Sightseeing after weekend-meetings

My daughter Anne-Sofie

Anne-Sofie posing for the camera

Future Heavy Rock Drummer?

My son Malthe with the drums given by a good friend of mine (who got a very noisy singing and dancing Santa Claus for his kids... from me...)

Salt Lake City

Birger with Camilla and Per from our Stockholm office. Picture taken outside HQ in Provo, Utah

Breakfast Club

Mona and I enjoying breakfast with Jenni and Jimmy (Jimmy took the picture)

Future Artist?

Malthe making some interesting paintings with his hands, assisted by his mother

Malthe on the move

Malthe was 3 months premature, Mona was supposed to give birth to him in December, however.. He wanted to see the world in August :-)
This picture was taken a few days before he brought him home (after two months in the Hospital). He was born August 24th 2003.

Riding with style on Hawaii

Country Manager Jan Åke waiving, Carin W in the white shirt - Asbjørn on the right (Bodil on her way into the limo). Picture from Hawaii, Sept. 2004

One more Wine Tower picture

The Wine Tower at Radisson Stansted, London:
Within the glass core of "The Wine Tower", pretty girls do acrobatics for the guests in the bar- and restaurant area. Sooo cool to watch while sitting at the bar or in Café area.

Robert Dean, Atlanta USA

Birger and Robert Dean from Atlanta, USA (Robert is also included in our promotional DVD)

What a Scoop!

The Girl from the poster in the background... Getting that picture was a scoop!

Vall de Xalo, Spain

View from our apartment in Vall de Xalo, Jalon, Spain (no sun that day!)


Garden Party at our place, celebrating Anne-Sofies birthday

Heffalump & Co.

The Heffalump Movie promotional item from our local cinema before we put it in Anne-Sofie´s bedroom (See additional picture somewhere else on this site)

Snowy Mountains, Utah, USA

Tahitian Dancers... Rocky Mountains in the background! Nice contrast between the tropical dancers and the snowy Utah mountains. I took this picture at a "Groundbreaking Ceremony" in Provo.

On stage in London

Asbjørn "The Millionaire Maker" and myself going for the top, on stage at seminar in London

Ken Rolfsness, Brisbane Australia

Ken Rolfsness, Brisbane Australia (Ken in the middle) is amazing! One of the most inspiring and funniest millionaires I have met in 2004 (teamleader-buddy, Knut from Norway on the right)

Awesome Sky INDOORS in Las Vegas

I took this awesome picture indoors at The Venetian Casino Hotel Resort in the middle of the day - on the second floor in one of the buildings...! Click on the picture for larger image.

Venetian Casino - great atmosphere

The Venetian - Casino Hotel Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.... I took this picture inside the hotel! See the fake sky.. Yep! It is inside!

Netherland partytime

Rudi and Marco from Holland, Birger from Spain and myself enjoying a night out in Gothenburg

Vancouver, Canada

My friends; Dr. John Sargent, Leon and Tobi from Vancouver, Canada

Summer Holiday

Jimmy, Jenni - and Mona with Anne-Sofie. Local castle, "Saebygaard Slot" in the background.

Korean Tycoons

Picture taken at a Hilton Hotel bar

Seminar in Sweden

Seminar in Sweden, Jørn on the left side, me in the middle (look how we always seem to smile when we are together with beautiful young women)

Randy Gage in Copenhagen

Birger Olovsson and me with Randy Gage, at a great seminar in Copenhagen on business strategies, recruiting and sales techniques(you may know Gage as one of the leaders in the Suspension Gel Technology company Agel).

I am not affiliated with Agel, however I highly recommend you to attend his speaking events - he is amazing! Randy has been called "the Millionaire Messiah".

A day at the ZOO

Anne-Sofie enjoying a day at the ZOO with her ol´ daddy

Patisi Japan

My Japanese friends - Patisi Japan!

The Wine Tower, London Stansted

The Wine Tower at Radisson Stansted, London - that is one of the coolest thing I have seen in 2004! Look at the smile on my face :-)

Norway - enjoying the snow

Mona, Anne-Sofie and myself enjoying the snow in Kraageland, Norway

Grand Canyon, USA

My friends, my mentors: Jørn Ølnes and his dad, Asbjørn. The picture was taken at Grand Canyon, a few days before our trip to Las Vegas.

Caught in the act!

The Party-website "" caught us having a blast at Steens Bachelor Party at a local pub

Mike Tyson, New York City

Bent Carstensen on the left and my buddy, Jimmy Larsen, on the right. (New York City, Feb. 05).
Jimmy saw Mike waiting in line at the JFK and immediately rushed to ask for a picture!

Quite a scoop!

Måske husker du kampen mellem Tyson og Brian "Always look on the bright side" Nielsen...?

Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden

Jimmy Larsen making a funny face; he actually took this picture himself.. (notice my Biker Jens beard...!)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Find Malthe...

This is our version of "Finding Holger" (the danish version.. cannot remember the english).. see if you can find Malthe in this picture.
Picture taken in Anne-Sofie´s room :-)

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Scottish Highland cattle

One of my friends have a bunch of Highland cattle grassing on his land - they look kinda mean, but they are not! They are very calm, very slow!
Anne-Sofie and Magnus enjoyed hand-feeding them with bread.